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We allow owners flexibility to use their condos whenever they like. Through our web based owners portal, owners can see when their condos are booked in real-time. Owners can block out dates for owner use and can even see future reservations along with rental income. We also offer a variety of different management and reservation reports.

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Five Star Luxury Travel was founded in 2013 to meet very specific needs in high-end resort living travel.  Five Star Luxury Travel is a unique service that transforms the lives of both vacationers and property owners alike.  Jennifer Victores created the company to transform the condo hotel experience for everyone. The company manages the investments of owners, bringing them up to a three times higher return on their investment than they could otherwise get. A 90% occupancy rate is achieved through specialized one-on-one concierge service and a five star management style that keeps condos in top shape.


For vacationers, Five Star Luxury Travel provides the ultimate in luxury accommodations and pampering for a fraction of the price. The company caters to both celebrities and those who wish to be treated like such. Five star service is what guests receive with services that go above and beyond including: grocery shopping, transportation, and personalized concierge service that you can’t get from a hotel all while enjoying the full range of activities and amenities the hotel has to offer.


For property owners, Five Star Luxury Travel provides security and peace of mind as the company manages every detail related to the property all while charging the lowest management fees. Owners who work with the company see incredible returns on their investment and can rest assured that their property will be taken care of and maintained to the highest standards.

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